Three Step Plan
  • October 08, 2019

Another Great Year is in the Making

What a great start to the year with READ 180 Universal! I am moving into year two with the latest version, and I am still loving the new program! My students have chosen to have a Growth Mindset and are excited to see where it takes them!

My Steps? No Their Steps.

Make a plan, set goals, have a Growth Mindset, and monitor the improvements of all of your students!

Step One
Have students sign up for class jobs using the Universal poster as a guide. It will help keep the classroom organized and give students responsibilities. Then, ask students to suggest classroom agreements to help the class run smoothly. My students and myself signed and have agreed to the following agreements that are posted in our classroom.

Each Class Creates an Agreement Chart. This allows the students to have ownership and be a part of deciding the environment best for learning. Here are examples for last school year.

First/Second Block:
Class Agreement:
1. We will work hard.
2. We will be friendly.
3. We will pay attention to the teacher.
1. I will try to be the Best teacher for each of you.
2. I will be nice and kind to everyone.
3. I will help you with your reading.
1. I will pick up my materials.
2. I will help my classmates.

3. I will try to do the best work so I will pass the STAAR.

Third/Fourth Block:

Class Agreements:
1. We will work as a team.
2. We will work hard.
3. We will pay attention.
1. I will be nice and kind.
2. I will help you get a 1000 Lexile.
3. I will teach to the best of my ability.
1. I will work well with others.
2. I will try to get along with everyone in the room.

3. I will try to do my best work so I will pass the STAAR.

Sixth/Seventh Block:

Class Agreements:
1. We will pay attention and read.
2. We will work hard.
3. We will use our brain.
1. I will help you get a 1000 Lexile.
2. I will help you with your patience.
3. I will push you to do your best.
1. I will be persistent.
2. I will read more.

3. I will try to get along with everyone in the room.

With the agreements, our class is able to accomplish daily what we set out to do! No time is wasted and the class runs with student-centered and teacher-guided fidelity to the program. Share your class agreements? Are you noticing signs that students are ready to amend and extend? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Step Two: We have all read Understanding Mindset and set goals using pages 12-15 in the ReaL Book as our guide.

My Plan:

1. Set a goal. "I will read and move my reading marker "Cruising Through Reading", every week to encourage my students to reach a million words."
2. Get in a growth mindset. "I will reach my goal of reading one million words or more!"
3. Make a plan. "I am going to read 25 minutes a night and two hours on the weekend so I can read as many books as possible to add words to my word count."
4. Practice. "Some nights and weekends I will be able to read more!"

5. Stick with it & why? "Even when I get tired of reading I will keep going because I am setting an example to all of my students! Plus I need to be able to recommend great books to my students. If they see me reading and sharing about books they might decide to give them a try!"

Let the students see that you also complete the assignments you ask them to do!
My Goal:
Andrea Barnes
1. My goal is to retire in 2020.
2. I will accomplish this goal by saving more money.
3. I will save money so I can buy a place in Naples, Florida, Cherry Creek, Colorado, or another place of my dreams.
4. I will keep my goal in front of me!

5. I Can Do It!! I won't give up!

Many of the students’ goals are to graduate high school and attend a college or university of their choice. They have followed the 1-5 steps and here is an example of one of their steps to achieving their goal.

1. Set a goal. "I can graduate high school and go to college!"

2. Get in a growth mindset. "I can do it!"
3. Make a plan. "I will do my work, read, and go to tutorials."
4. Practice. "If I read more I can do better in all of my classes!"

5. Stick with it & Why? "I am going after my dream so I can help my family!"

Students wrote their individual 1-5 answers on a sticky note and placed it on the right side of the Universal mindset poster because they want to have a growth mindset and not a fixed one!

Don't forget to have your students complete the Mindset Scan on the Student Application. Check out the class results in the Data Dashboard under Digital Mindset Scan Results.

Step Three: Students were asking for another Onion Peel so I created several to be used for students as they enter the classroom:

1. We are all unique! What is something that sets your main character apart? Tell us something surprising!

2. The #1 item on my bucket list is...
3. I suppose that my book will...
4. We are celebrating you being here. Tell us about your journey up to this point.
5. It bothered me when my character...
6. My favorite place to live would be ____________ because...
7. I believe the main character will...
8. Which people most shaped your life, and what did you learn from them?
9. Who are your heroes? Would your main character agree?
10. Whom do you admire the most? Which of their skills and characteristics would you like to develop in your life?
11. What are the most important lessons you've learned?
12. What do you want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for...
13. I can't believe the main character...
14. Being in READ 180 will be…
15. I wonder why the character...
16. It bothers me when…
17. My favorite sport is __________ because...
18. I don’t see how the main character...
19. I suppose that…
20. My siblings (brother/sister) are…
21. My favorite place to live would be _____________ because…
22. My dream vacation would be…
23. The College or University of my choice would be…
24. My favorite memory of school is...
25. The character that is most like me is...
26. So far my favorite book is...
27. I (would/would not) live in the setting of my book because...
28. I rate my book a ___________ because...
29. I (would/would not) recommend this book because...

30. It's hard to put my book down because...

Have every one in the classroom make a plan, set goals, have a Growth Mindset, and monitor their improvements!