READ 180 Daily/Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

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    April 29, 2010
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    April 29, 2010
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I created these lesson plan templates based on the sample one provided in the Resource Guide. I added state standards and differentiated instruction.


I keep my lesson plans in a binder in plastic sleeves with sections for reports. Best part is template saves time and serves as a reference from year to year.

By gmontal

I've been a teacher for 21 years this February in a school in the South Bronx.  Primarily I've taught in grades 3 and 4, but I also taught second grade for the first two years of my career.  The Read 180 program has been in my school for six years. This is my third year as a Read 180 teacher in a lab setting as an academic intervention service to third graders.  I am also the Academic Intervention Services Coordinator for my school.  There is another Read 180 lab for fourth graders.  I am immensely happy with the Read 180 program and instructional model.  My students have had great success over the years.  I have found this year to be especially gratifying because it is the first year that we used the Enterprise Edition.  I love the workshops and the students love the anchor videos.  However, the writing component of EE is the best.  I've had a lot of fun teaching this program and I think my students have had a fun time learning about immigration, firefighters an especially mummy-making.

  • Many thanks for sharing!

    Sorry, I forgot to mention Stage A, Workshop 6. Thank you.

    I would like to have a lesson plan for Workshop 6. Thank you.

    Can you direct me to a template for writing my lessons? Thank you.

    Thanks. Why doesn't Read 180 match up state goals for each state where it is used?

    This is awesome! You don't already have one for Level C, by chance? (Just kidding!) I'll have to work on this for my classes over the summer. Debbie

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    Exactly!! We need one for Stage C...very detailed...great work!

    These are great, is there a drop down menu for Stage B in creating your weekly lesson plans?

    Thank you!! This will help to organize me and give my principal a better understanding of what happens in my room.

    The is FANTASTIC! Thank you so very very much!