READ 180 Stretch 2 Reading: "Fighting Fire" (Workshop 1)

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    July 27, 2012
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Fires are a hot topic. In these texts, readers will learn about how fires start, how they spread, and how brave people risk their lives to stop them.


Stretch 2 Reading is a collection of grade-level complex, nonfiction texts for READ 180 Next Generation.

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    This is for EE Stage B. I appreciate this. Thanks.

    Greetings, I read over the lesson plan, activity packets, and overview.  This is so timely for today's classroom in view of building students' confidence to face challenging text such as state testing matarials.  I was delighted to see the common core standards utilized.  Last, I appreciate the writing homework assignments offering students more practice. 

    This is so timely.  I appreciate the common core standards used, challenging text, and writing practice for homework.  This will help to build students' confidence when faced with challenging state testing for ELA. 

    I am using Read 180 EE, not NG. When would I incorporate Stretch 2 Reading into my workshop curriculum?

    Am I wrong, or is this only for Stage A? Are there resources for Stage B & C?