Scholastic Reading Counts Book Points

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    November 02, 2011
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Sticking with our teamwork theme we created a football field to keep track of SRC points. When a student finishes reading a book and passes the quiz


When the students finish their book and hand in their quickwrites and graphic organizers we then allow them to take the SRC book quiz. If they pass the quiz they are able to move their football player (we took pictures and created a football player for each child) however many SRC points the book was worth. 7th grade is working towards the 8th grade endzone and 8th grade is working towards the 7th grade endzone. We reward the students for different yards they reach. For example, last Friday we let any student who was on the 10 yard line or higher come to breakfast. The kids really enjoy it and are very proud to move their football players when they pass their SRC quiz. It is a nice visual representation that also holds them accountable! :)

  • I love this! Thank you soooo much!


    How cute is this? My kids will definitely like this? I especially like the competition between the two grades. Extra motivation.

    What a clever idea!!


    Thank you!! :)


    I love it. I now need to figure out how to do something like this. You have wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    Hi Amy: Thank you so much for sharing this idea--it is such a great motivational resource! And thanks for providing images, I love how each student is an individual football player!


    Sure!! Thank you for taking the time to look at it, the kids really love that they are little football players as well!! :)

    I really like this. Thanks